Trump Executive Order Might Help Cryptocurrency


Trump Executive Order Might Help Cryptocurrency

Trump's Social Media Executive Order Might Help Solve Cryptocurrency YouTube Bans. For some odd reason, many tech giants have been against cryptocurr

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Trump’s Social Media Executive Order Might Help Solve Cryptocurrency YouTube Bans.

For some odd reason, many tech giants have been against cryptocurrency since its inception. It is not a surprise that banks are against it but the attitude of tech companies is puzzling. After all, bitcoin is a significant tech invention. So, the companies should be embracing it rather than fight it. But that’s not what we usually see. Companies like YouTube, for instance, ban crypto-focused channels and content from time to time.  Youtube has not only banned Bitcoin influencers but also cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Trump Might Help Solve Cryptocurrency YouTube Bans.

Prominent personalities in the cryptocurrency industry have spoken against these practices. However, it seems like the one person that might help in this regard is Donald Trump. Of course, this comes as a total surprise to everyone but it may indeed happen. Trump’s views on cryptocurrency might not be favorable but his actions may indirectly help this industry. This is a much-needed relief that many in the community are hoping for.

Trump’s New Executive Order

Yesterday, the US President signed an executive order against social media platforms. It briefly touches upon media censorship by these platforms. It is this part that the cryptocurrency community, especially content creators, are excited about. In a typical Trump style, the executive order is a result of a minor drama. Just a few days ago, Twitter had labeled two of Trump’s tweet as “potentially misleading”.

If anyone knows Trump in the slightest, it is obvious that he would not be too happy with it. He immediately tweeted berating social media censorship. He also warned that he might sign a new executive order to get these companies in line.

His move is said to be to defend free speech which has come under extreme use in recent times. Social media companies have been censoring users and their content on a whim. This goes against the free speech that is granted by the constitution itself. Facebook had been under scrutiny many times for the same. Twitter’s name has also come under radar and so has YouTube’s.

Trump’s order specifically targets a law known as the Communications Decency Act. Section 230. This law provides broad immunity to platforms and websites like Twitter that curate and moderate themselves. In fact, many legal experts believe that the 26 words in this law created the internet.

Cryptocurrency YouTubers To Rejoice – Executive Order Might Help Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency YouTubers

If changes actually happen due to the executive order, it could benefit content creators focusing on cryptocurrency. YouTube will no longer be able to hide behind Section 230. It would have fewer powers to censor content according to its whim. In the past, a lot of legitimate content creators have been unfairly punished for just being in cryptocurrency. It is this that the community is fighting against.

Surprisingly, in most of the cases, YouTube has admitted its mistake. It has time and again stated that the algorithm banned the content by mistake. Even then, there seems to be no change to the algorithm yet. Many in the industry have thus, started creating decentralized social media platforms. These are supposed to be completely censorship-resistant.


Trump Executive Order Might Help Cryptocurrency